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ROBERTO LÓPEZ Born in Villena (Alicante) in 1974, Roberto took an interest in art from an early age, developing his painting skills and then completing studies in industrial-graphic design at the School of Arts and Crafts in Alcoy. At the same time, he studied Piano and Violin at the Professional Conservatory of Music of his home town, continuing his training with a postgraduate course in Composition at the ECCA (AlcoySchool of Composition and Creation).

He has attended courses taught by composers of the relevance and importance ofCristóbal Halffter, Mauricio Sotelo, Beat Furrer, Mario Lavista, Manfred Trojahn, José Manuel López López, Toshio Hosokawa, Orlando Jacinto García...

His young portfolio of works include pieces composed for the FMOL (Faust Music On Line) project, which won prizes from the Catalonian drama company La Fura dels Baus for their shows FAUST v.3.0 (1998) and DON QUIJOTE EN BARCELONA opera by José Luis Turina (2000); the work that was awarded 1st prize at the Injuve Composition Meetings, FOLIE À DEUX (2001);the work composed at the request of the Centre for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music (CDMC – Spanish Ministry of Culture), titled ANOXIA (2001);the piece that received 1st prize at the Injuve Composition Meetings 2002, titled MICROBIOS (2002); the work written at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through the Directorate-General of Cultural Cooperation and Communication, to represent Spain in the conferences on Spanish Music and Architecture in the 20th century: Modernist Barcelona and the last avant-gardes, titled GAUDINIANAS (2002); the piece composed for the CDMC, THE MECHANICAL MOHO (2003) for the XIX International Contemporary Music Festival in Alicante; and the pieces written at the request of the JONDE (Spanish National Youth Orchestra), DUO 01 and GEN (2003).

His works have been conducted by Beat Furrer, Tomás Garrido,Ángel Gil-Ordóñez and Joan Cerveró and performed by the Vienna Klangforum in Vienna, the Chamber Group at the Injuve Composition Meeting as part of Musicadhoy: New generation of Spanish composers 2003, held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, by the Perspectives Ensemble at the Proshansky Auditorium in New York, by the Valencia Instrument Group at the XIX Contemporary Music Festival in Alicante and by the Spanish National Youth Orchestra, opening the season of the Albacete Concert Society in 2004.

He has conducted the Barcelona Municipal Symphony Band at the LEM Festival, part of the 6th Internacional Experimental Music Festival in Barcelona 2002.

He was selected in 2003 by the Reading Panel of the Spanish Section of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music).

In 2003, he was composer-in-residence at the JONDE (Spanish National Youth Orchestra).

Since 2004, he has embarked on a new stage in his artistic career, with a cycle or series of works under the name NANOMÚSICA…

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